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VW Volkswagen Original G13 Coolant Audi (Succesor Of G12++)

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You can use the previous Q1030004 fluid in a Q1030005 factory-filled system ONLY IF the system is drained, flushed, re-drained, and then filled with Q1030004. The protection is nearly identical; however, the Q1030004 is not designed to last and perform as long as the new Q1030005.

Volkswagen/Audi Group is a bit of an outlier compared to other manufacturers in that they've consistently updated their cooling systems, engine materials, and engine coolants over the last three decades. That's resulted in five different potential coolants for your car available in three different colors and a few confusing names. Struggle no more when choosing your next coolant, as this section should be all you need. G11 Coolant Once you have chosen the correct coolant, you can fill the cooling system with the new coolant. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct ratio of coolant to water, which is usually 50/50. Once the system is flushed and drained, it’s time to choose the correct coolant. G13 coolant is recommended for most modern Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, but you should always consult your owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic to ensure that the coolant you choose is compatible with your engine.The manufacturer’s recommendation is based on the specific requirements and characteristics of the engine, and using the recommended coolant can help ensure proper engine performance and longevity. How to switch from G40 to G13 coolant? Step By Step G05andG48 are compatible with each other, regardless of color. However, we advise a switch to G48 after performing a full cooling system drain, flush, and re-fill, due to current availability. Following this maintenance schedule will ensure the prolonged life of your cooling system. Below is a radiator with clogged ports due to the build-up of silicate. This can lead to an overheating engine, so consider the perceived cost-benefit you get from skipping coolant flushes versus the cost of a new engine. The G13 has a purple/violet colour and has the same exceptional cooling and antifreeze performance as G12++. The main difference: it is manufactured using glycerin instead of glycol. Glycerin is much less harmful to the environment than glycol. One is a bi-product of biodiesel production, the other is produced from mineral oil.

The original G12EVO Ready Mix coolant additive is specially designed for the engines of the VW Group’s brands. Reason 2: Mixing different types of coolant can also reduce the effectiveness of the coolant, which can cause your engine to overheat and potentially cause damage. Over the last three decades or so, Mercedes has used three different coolant variants in their gasoline and diesel-powered cars. The oldest is Q1030002, a Yellow or Gold-colored G05 HOAT formula that is no longer available through Mercedes. It may still be available in small quantities through manufacturers like Zerex, but Mercedes recommends you drain and refill with a more modern variant.Another important aspect of G40 coolant is that it is designed to be long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to five years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. This can help minimize the frequency of your car’s maintenance needs and provide peace of mind for drivers. Differences Between G40 and G13 Coolants: Comparison Table Spec/Feature Both G13 and G40 coolants provide optimal lubrication for water pump bearings and other engine components. Lubrication is essential for the proper functioning of engine components and helps reduce wear and tear. Color G12 Evo is now required in all VW Group vehicles, this is the most up to date, latest version of coolant from VW Group. G12 EVO is the latest correct coolant and replaces G12, G12+ & G13, it may have been made after your car was built (this will be the reason it may not appear in your handbook/manual, or on the coolant cap itself) BMW is pretty simple when it comes to its coolants. For what seems like forever, BMW has used either an IAT or HOAT coolant formula for all of their vehicles. Up until recently, a blue G48-spec coolant was the only type required. However, beginning a few years ago, BMW switched to a Si-OAT formula called HT12. For whatever reason, this newest formula doesn't follow BASF's Glysantin specification naming scheme, but that might just make it easier to remember and differentiate from other formulas. G48 Coolant

OATs, HOATs, and Si-OATs, am I right? I know that sounds confusing, but you don't need to know the chemical makeup of every fluid in your car; that's an engineer's job. What you do need to know is which coolants can be used together. Carrying around spare fluids is a nice thought, but not everyone has the space for them, so knowing which coolant types that can top off your system in a pinch can save your cooling system. On the other hand, G13 is not the best choice for older cooling systems with copper/brass radiators and heater cores. It doesn’t work well with the lead solder. Use antifreeze with G11 or G12 specification instead.By avoiding silicates, G40 coolant like – Zerex G40 is able to provide better protection and lubrication for your engine over the long term. The corrosion inhibitors make up the bulk of the various chemicals within the coolant. The four main types all use different compositions, giving them different properties suited to different cooling systems. Switching from G40 to G13 coolant involves more than simply adding the new coolant to your vehicle’s cooling system. It is important to follow the proper procedures to ensure that the new coolant is compatible with your engine and that all of the old coolant is removed. It provides optimum anti-freeze, overheating and corrosion protection. Its special composition raises the water’s boiling point to 135C (275F) while preventing evaporation, and lowers the freezing point to -40C (-40F) while maintaining a constant pH value. It performs best at high temperatures and prevents the engine from being destroyed by heat caused by combustion and friction.

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