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Stinky Stuff New Improved Formula - Dog Stuff Soothe itchy irritated skin and paws - Easy mess free formula - 100% Pure and Natural. (125g)

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Our products have had amazing results helping so many animals, but don’t take our word for it take a look at what some of our happy customers have had to say!

Dry skin– A variety of factors, including winter weather, fatty acid deficiencies and over washing can cause dry skin in dogs. By comparison, humans only have just 5 million olfactory receptor cells, making your dog’ssense of smell 60 times more powerful than your own!If you could smell that well, wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with the smells you like best? Remember the last time you were invited to a formal event? What was the last thing you did before you headed out the door on your way to the party? That's right, you spritzed on a little perfume! What for? So all your friends would notice how great you smell and like you even more! And if you are single, maybe you were thinking about attracting a mate too. Well, that's exactly what your dog is doing! Not only will a little Eau de Squirrel Corpse impress all your dog's buddies, it might even score him a new girlfriend. As far as your dog is concerned, you are likely to be really impressed with his new scent too! We are 3 days in of using this and I can already see an improvement in my boys ears he really is a lot happier, and on a plus side he do not mind me putting it in” Toyah MaddisonThe rancid, the putrid, the nasty, the foul - if the smell makes your stomach turn over, your dog probably loves it! A dog's sensitive nose can sniff out cancer, bombs, drugs, food, treats - you name it - so why do they use that powerful sniffer just to find a rotten corpse to roll in or to dig up cat poop? Turns out there might be some science behind a dog's penchant for all things rank. Two Reasons Your Dogs Love Stinky Stuff Use half warm/tepid water, half white vinegar. Dip a small towel in the mix and lavishly clean the DIRTY part of the dog with it (certainly not the whole dog). It takes a few hours for the vinegar to really remove the smell. In the meantime, the dog will smell of… vinegar with traces of what it rolled in in the first place. To use as a shampoo wash: Combine an equal amount of Stinky Stuff with an equal amount of Shampoo Base. Wet the coat and skin (or the affected area) and massage the mixture into the skin. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It’s a documented fact that wolves sometimes roll in animal carcasses or animal dung to cover up their scent, so this theory is based on some truth. However, leading animal behaviourist Patricia McConnell thinks it’s a bit of a reach. First, most prey animals are highly visual, depending more on their eyes than their noses to alert them to predators. As a dog owner, it’s never a bad idea to keep an odor-removing product on hand – just in case! – so they don’t have to be left to spread the stink around while you are out buying something to get it off of them!

This is my 19 year old fell pony who gets itchy and gets grumpy with flies. Stinky Stuff has been the only product that has helped him for the last 3 years. He still rubs his face but not how he use to be with the help of this product he lives out 24/7 with a highlander fly rug and regular washes/rub. i’m glad this product is on the market as i know how frustrating it can be. Renowned behaviorist and author Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., is skeptical about that theory. In a 2015 blog post exploring potential reasons why dogs roll in substances that we find to be highly unsavory, she points out how “most prey animals are highly visual, and use sight and sound to be on alert for predators.” Think about how important smell is to your dog. They jam their noses into the most scent-filled areas possible and can sniff out tasty morsels under several layers of clothes. Dogs have300 million olfactory receptor cells in their noses. The more you’re walking in partnership with your dog, the greater the chance he can still happily explore the environment without becoming so fixated on any one thing (like something gross he wants to roll in) that he ignores your attempts to redirect his attention or call him away from something gross.

Theory Two: Scent Messages

Anticipate problem areas. If you can predict where or when your dog is likely to roll in something foul, don’t give him the opportunity to do so. Maybe it’s the parkway flowerbed three doors down, the one the neighborhood cats routinely use as a litter box.

But as a dog person, you have to accept that sometimes, bad smells are gonna happen. Thank goodness you have a sense of humour! Teach a solid recall. As a trainer, I can’t stress this enough. The single most important behavior you can teach your dog is to reliably come when called. A dog who comes when called is more likely to earn the freedom to safely experience off-leash adventures in appropriate settings and is overall safer in general.Medication– Your vet may prescribe medication to treat a specific cause. Soothing, anti-itch products can also be used to reduce irritation to the area and prevent further damage. Is it about the dog’s scent? A lesser-supported hypothesis is that the rolling behavior might be to distribute the dog’s scent onto the stinky item, rather than the other way around. This seems like a largely ineffective method compared to marking with urine or feces, especially when dealing with matter so pungent, so experts believe this is unlikely. Just want to say how pleased & amazed I am with the stinky stuff cat range (Non Stinky). She actually looks and feels like a cat again and is incredibly happy in herself again! 100% recommend.. even if you’re sceptical these products are fantastic!!” Becca Stopp Or, if your animal is sensitive or you are applying to sensitive areas combine 1 part Stinky Stuff with 10 parts carrier oil and gradually increase to equal amounts. Rub the mixture into the dog’s coat, avoiding the eyes and lips (it stings!), and let it sit briefly before rinsing. Don’t wait too long to rinse, as the peroxide can bleach the coat. Do not attempt to store any leftover formula; the combination of ingredients can explode if left in a bottle.

In conclusion, my experience with this company's product and customer service was thoroughly unsatisfactory. I advise potential customers to steer clear and explore alternative options that prioritize both quality and reliable service. Got this for my springer spaniel ..this ear stinky stuff is brilliant would recommend it to everyone my dog is 13 years old” Alice WilcoxTo use as a massage rub: Combine an equal amount of Stinky Stuff and Carrier Oil. A teaspoon of each should be plenty. If that’s not an option, a couple of towels, a large jug of water, and an old sheet to fully protect the car’s interior will go a long way toward getting everyone home – or to the nearest groomer – as cleanly as possible. Another great suggestion is to add an old t-shirt to the cleanup kit and make the offending dirty dog wear it as a barrier between the grossness and your car. One week of using Ear Stuff and she is no longer scratching and she has no nasty smell in her ears, thank you.” Elaine Musty

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